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WorkWise Work Flow system for Research center Workwise is an integrated administrative system for research center to support approval process for
reports publication & Compliance and to offer data for analyst evaluation.
  • Supporting program for report preparation and publication
  • Process : report writing, editing, compliance, approval, online announcement, mass e-mail notification
  • Research center management system, including analyst's performance statistics
  • Analyst activities : company visit, reports writing, clients relationship, presentation meetings, and etc.
Features & Strengths
Systemization of work process of a research center - Improvement of work efficiency through automation of reports publication process
- Reports publication process : Company visit → Reports writing → Reports review/approval → Compliance
  check → Reports publication → Trading Restriction → Online announcement → Mass E-mail publication
- Manages various reports templates and automatically carries out trading restrictions, online
  announcement, and mass e-mail notification upon final approval
Monitors Analyst activities and helps evaluation - Systematically manages analyst tasks, such as company visit, presentations and call services
- Searches business statistics data for each analyst, client and task
- Support analyst evaluation screen by analyst activity and rating management
- Monitors the overall operations of the research center
Strengthens compliance administration - Manages compliance-related records to meet the tightening regulation of the Financial supervisory service
- Automatically creates compliance notice in connection with the compliance system of the firm
- Displays a list of restricted targets and a list to be notified
Main Menu
  • Drawing up Report
    - Template updates and management
    - Automatic updates with analyst forecast data and convenient copies of MS Excel
  • Report Publication
    - Reports approval process management
    - Automatic creation of compliance notice of the template, recommendation change
      history, target price trend chart
    - Approval phase updates, instant notification in case of an urgent message
    - Systemization of process after approval : restriction on trading, online announcement,
      and mass E-mail notification
  • Compliance related search
    - Displays compliance-related information, including trade restricted list, research
      restricted/covered list, list for potential conflicts of interest, IPO company status
    - Manages Insider information list for analysts and companies
  • Client Relationship
    - Manages(create, edit, delete) groups and contact info of clients, including financial
      institutions, press organizations, other corporates
  • Business activity
    - Monitors analyst activities, such as company visit, investor presentations, call service
      and press conferences
    - Records analyst work planning and current activities
    - Searches business activities data by each analyst, time period and job type
  • Job communication Line
    - Notification of job request, such as company visit, investor presentations, and call
    - Searches for historical job requested requests to be completed
  • Job Evaluation
    - Quantitive and qualitative evaluation based on analyst activity and performance
      including report
    - Helps produce evaluation review that meets the evaluation criteria for the research