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WiseReport Reliable Investment Information WiseReport enables users to reach to the research reports published by various institutions quickly and conveniently.
  • Providing prompt update service that enables to check research reports of securities in real-time
  • Research Report / Consensus / Insider ownership information provided
  • Providing company Information / comments of Financial Record
  • Providing Report service regarding China and IR Materials from IR department of Corporates
  • Providing reliable research reports under official contracts with domestic securities houses
  • Providing Wise Up, alarming new report of user selected company


Features & Strengths
Reliability Reliable research reports under official contracts with domestic securities houses
Real-time delivering reports to investors in real-time by automated update system linked with securities
Ease to Use Easy to systematic search by titles, contents, analysts, brokerage firms, companies and industries
Friendly Interface Various options that user can select freely
Summary Summarized reports service
Company Information Providing Comments, Company Info, IR Information
Change of the time Upgrade service provided as time passes
Main Menu
  • Overview
    - Providing real time service of Regular/Corporate/ Industry Report announcing in
       Research firm or Domestic securities
    - Able to check report by Corporate / Industry / Regular / Economy / Strategy / Issue tab
    - Able to check by date and set period
    - Able to search by Title/ content/ Provider / Corporate / Industry etc.
    - Providing IR Materials
    - Providing China Market Report by WISEfn CEFR
    - Providing Report regarding Global Stock and VCSC Securities, Vietnam Local securities
  • Categorical
    - Able to check categorized Report by Regular / Corporate / Industry / IR / Government
    - Able to check 17 categorized Regular report searched by period
    - Able to search report by WISEfn Industry classification standard
    - Able to check report regarding Government, IR materials from releasing of corporate,
      Corporate News
    - Able to check classified by Listed company, IPO Report, Market
  • Resource
    - Able to search by Organization, Analyst
    - Easy to search by securities, ETF, Global Information, IR, Press Release
  • Key Point
    - Providing Bull&Bear menu, which can simultaneously compare rating high vs rating
      low Report
    - Able to search Rating / Target Price / EPS changed Report
    - Able to check Report which first releasing within 52Week
  • Top Hits
    - Abel to search Top hits Report (the day, 3days, Week, Month, 3months)
    - Able to select whole/ 3days/ Week / Month / 3months Top 30 Reports
  • Rating
    - Able to check information or stream of Ratings by securities
    - Providing ratios and compositions stocks within recent 1 year
    - Providing rating ratios, sector covered stock
    - Providing rating of sectors, rating trends per Securities
    - Able to check rating of period, trend by securities
    - Able to check number of Report and Report list
  • Recommended Stock
    - Able to check profit of recommend stock by securities with chart
    - Able to check stock by high recommended
    - Able to check stock newly recommend or excepted
    - Able to check industry included recommended stock
    - Able to compare with accumulated profit by Securities' portfolio
    - Able to check number of recommendation and price change rates by period
  • MP
    - Providing information of model portfolio published by securities
    - Able to check changing charge of composed stock
    - Able to check changing charge of sector compared with previous month
    - Providing rate of change, profit of included / excluded recommended stock
    - Easy to compare profit of include recommended stock and result of model portfolio
    - Able to check accumulated profit, sector charge, holding stock within 6 months
    - Providing stock position change trend, price, momentum, valuation
  • My Page
    - Able to check report regarding interested, industry with analyzed chart
    - Able to check stock and sector which user selected
    - Able to check Regular Report by designated type and period
  • Company
    - Financial / Stock / Report / disclosed information provided
    - Stock price, stock holder, Company Info, Main Financial Information, Consensus data
    - Detailed content of I/S, B/S, Cashflow provided
    - Main chart and standard information provided
    - Easy to check Report by Providing Corporate consensus data and changing of
    - Able to check ETF/ETN data
    - Providing ETF/ETN description and composed stock per CU
    - Able to check ETF Report
  • Industry
    - Providing Info, Index, Report of Industry
    - Rating of sector-profit in Industry and Index provided
    - Easy to grasp changing rate of Industry compared with WICS Index
    - Providing chart of changing period in consensus sector
    - Easy to grasp Industry / Corporate Report user selected
  • Insider
    - Holding information of Stock holder and organization's record provided
    - Providing stock holder and new insider trading information by ordering of the latest
    - Providing stock changing record of the largest stockholder and organization investors
      order by recently disclosed
    - Providing stock holding information of stock holder
    - Providing composite index and chart of insider volume, stock price and stock
      distribution ratio
  • Chart Focus
    - Providing Economic chart and domestic / overseas Financial market
    - Providing Business category index chart compared previous day
    - Update dealing of Organization and Foreigners
    - Providing changing of Global stock graph
    - Providing raw material trend chart
  • WiseReport in English
    - Able to check reports written in English
    - Able to check report by Daily / Corporate / Industry / Etc. tab
    - Able to check by date and set period
    - Able to search by Title / Provider / Corporate / Industry etc.
    - Providing real time service of Regular/Corporate/ Industry Report announcing in
      Research firm or Domestic securities