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WISE Q Back Testing System WISE Q helps user to evaluate Quant analyzation in a short time with convenience which requires
high level of programming skills and additional data collection.
  • Stock simulation which allows Quant analysis with quickness and exactness
  • Database with minimize the time consuming while Quant user collects and gathers data
  • Various options which allow user to design with their preferred selections
  • Simplified process with various and convenience analyzing tool
Features & Strengths
Stock simulation which is to be applied by user's logic User can use the simulation right away since there is no pre-setting work
Optimized Back testing time Optimized operation speed regarding the user condition at each part such as data downloading or calculating data etc.
Application of capital change according to the company categories and calculation logic for the calculation of accurate profit rate - Increased practicality of the test since each data is accurately managed based on each fluctuation stage
- Increased reality of adaptation through managing the number of shares for index on each categories of
  items and sectors on daily basis
Fully utilized data that WISEfn provides with accuracy and diversity - Maximize the user convenience through applying the client's ideas on the diverse accounts
- Practical back -testing & decreased data collecting fee through the exact information of listing/delisting
  sector and company
Effective application of test data and analysis of outcome - Excel Export function to check or re-use the data with convenience
- Result analysis template the evaluate the outcome accurately.
Main Menu
  • Factor Testing
    - Data Conversion skill regarding the user's needs
    - Data re-calculation technique through the Scaling, removing outlier data
    - Diverse option for calculation of profit rate
    - Daily base profit rate which user can set the statistics summary, term and period
    - Excel Export function about test result and process
    - The latest updated outcome can be applied to user's existing scenario
  • Universe
    - Screening option setting & user selection about universe
    - Managing sector constituents at each stage
    - Setting the option of multi-step screening condition
    - Rebalancing technique based on each item and sector
  • Variable
    - Generating and managing user-define variable data
    - Various types of function
    - Multi variable formation skill for precise test
    - Data upload /download function
  • Batch-Factor Testing
    - Test on the scenario all at the same time
    - Adjusting each Universe, Factor and Option all at the same time
  • Portfolio Analysis
    - Storage management and profit rate comparison function according to the portfolio
    - Rebalancing info which allows to verify the related information of rebalancing
    - Portfolio Analysis which provides the figures and chart of profit rate and statistics