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ValueWise Solution for company valuation ValueWise is the first commercialized software that is developed for the purpose of corporate valuation and helps making investment recommendations for public/non-public companies.
  • Stock valuation for investment decisions
  • Corporate valuation for M&A and restructuring
  • Various valuation methodologies such as DCF, RIM, EVA and DDM
  • Customized service of valuation models and interface
Features & Strengths
Convenient Interface - Model that systemically carries out company valuation with over 20 user inputs
- Support proper valuation by alarming warning messages for unreasonable projections
Various models used by professionals - Including various valuation approaches used by professionals such as research analysts and fund managers
- Valuation methodologies include discounted cash flow, multiples approach such as PER, PBR, PCR,
Scenario analysis based on growth and margin variables - Providing corporate analyzing index such as Free Cash Flow, ROI analyzing etc.
- Valuation sensitivity on variables that affect the company valuation, such as growth and margins
TimeSeries data that accurately adjusts for changes in accounting standard or capital structure - Daily updates that effectively apply chronological adjustments related to stock and financial data
- Database that is well recognized for its accuracy by prestigious financial institutions both domestic and
Main Menu
  • Setting
    - Displays company's basic information, settings of the model and market data
    - Select the period of forecast year(3~10years) and quarterly forecasts(1~3Years)
    - Can select Language option (Korean/English), unit option(million, 100 million, billion)
  • Annual / Quarter
    - Annual / Quarterly actuals and forecasts provided
    - Calculating Index by Ratio, Valuation based on forecasting Financial Statements
    - Financial statements(IS/BS/CF), Multiple, Financial Ratios, Valuation provided
  • Forecasting
    - Forecast using financial Statement
    - Comprised of actual(Forecast A) and Quarterly(Forecast Q) sheets
    - Reflecting forecast changes in capital (Right issue, bonus Issue and CB)
  • Absolute Valuation(DCF)
    - Company value and fair value per share based on Discounted Cash flow model (FCF,
      RIM, EVA, DDM)
    - Providing Weighted Average Cost of Capital(WACC) applied to DCF Valuation
    - Analyze sensitivity of eternal growth and discount rate
  • Relative Valuation(Multiple)
    - Multiple Valuation Model using PER, PBR, PSR, EV/EBITDA
    - Various per share valuation model using EPS, BPS, CFPS, PSR, EBITDAPS
    - Providing Band Chart
  • Chart
    - Providing Ratio Chart including profitability, growth, financial solvency etc.
    - Chart for earnings factors(sales, operating profit, net income), debt ratio, profit
      margin, ROA, ROE and etc.
  • Report_cover, Report_FS
    - Analysis of historical financial data and projections results
    - Set of cover page, Financial Statement Summary
    - Select period of Financial Statement and Unit