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Smart Consensus Accurate and Fast approach to estimating actuals With Well known data management skill of consensus data and based on the result of various analysis, WISEfn provides faster and more accurate estimation compared with simple consensus.
  • Superior consensus than the simple average of estimates generally used in market
  • Boasting of precise in forecasting the forward movement of the market entity
  • Reflect as many characteristics of analysts as possible
  • Use various mathematical/statistical methodologies to improve creditability
  • Accuracy/efficiency verified by professionals such as fund managers through long term forward testing
Features & Strengths
Faster and more accurate estimation of actuals - The hit rate of earnings surprise/ shock is almost 80%
- The error rate in anticipating actuals is decreased by more than 30% compared to simple consensus
Overcoming limitations of simple consensus - Provide IFRS accounting system reflecting K-IFRS precisely
Supplemental indicators to help analyzing actuals - Provide both basic accounts used by analysts and advanced accounts
- Also provide earnings surprise rate, expected SUE, and etc.
Accurate and compatible data - More elaborate data creating procedure than simple consensus
- Broad data coverage through semi-smart consensus