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FactSet Global Financial Data In alliance with FactSet, Global Financial data provider, providing Fundamentals, Stocks, Consensus data etc. of 11 global markets.
- Korea, America, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Europe STOXX600
  • Analysis tool to compare companies in the same industry using Basic lists suggested by WISEfn or using WISEfn Industry 26 classification
  • Financial data and ratios based on financial statements consistent with each country's accounting standard
  • Analysis tool to compare domestic company with global companies in the USA, Europe, Asia
  • Daily Update of stock Prices, Volume, Shares, Market capital and etc. of each country
  • Consensus data based on Financial statements consistent with each country's accounting standard
  • Providing company information with Business description
  • Business segments demonstrated through Timeline
  • Special Entity Lookup and Item Lookup for FactSet
Main Menu
  • Company Comparison
    - Basic Lists - Peer group list provided by WISEfn
    - Easy to analyze and compare a selected company with global companies
    - Company user selected could be included in a several Basic Lists, can select wanted
      sector directly
    - User can edit peer group list by checking WI26 Sector
  • Fundamentals
    - Data requested in local currency, which is provided with converting value for the
      quarter end and quarter average by default
    - Data categorized as FactSet 9 countries and Europe STOXX600 or classified as 4 major
      industry templates
      (Manufacturing, Bank, Insurance and other financials)
    - Providing data available since 2003
    - Quarterly and annual data based on each company's main Financial Statements
    - Providing set of Global Basic, summarized version of financial statements
    - FactSet Item codes can be compatible with WISEfn item codes
    - Flash data provided prior to quarterly or annual financial Reports
      (Major Companies' data provided first)
    - Update speed is almost same as FactSet WorkStation
  • Peer Analysis
    - Data covers Fundamentals, Consensus, Stocks / Indices of more than 24,000
      Companies in America, Europe and 8 Asia countries
      (China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan)
    - Data Coverage per country (April, 2017)
      (America 8,206 / Europe 600 / China 3,744 / Hong Kong 2,268 / Japan 3,101 /
      Taiwan 998 / India 4,618 / Vietnam 712 / Indonesia 558 / Thailand 811)
    - Quarterly and annual data based on each company's main Financial Statements
    - Consensus data based on estimates of 600 brokers from 55 countries
    - Analysis tool to compare companies across America, Europe and major Asia countries
    - Business information and description provided
  • Daily Price
    - Stocks and major Indices for FactSet 9 Countries and Europe STOXX600
    - Accurate rate of return and aggregated data available through the separate
      management of trading dates
    - Adjusted price calculated using adjustment factor provided from FactSet
    - Service start date : January 2, 2003
    - Update Schedule (in Korea Standard Time)
     • America : 8:00 am the next day
     • Europe STOXX600 : 9:00 am the next day
     • Asia : 11:00 pm the intraday
     • India : 2:00 am the next day
  • Consensus
    - Daily Consensus data available since August 1, 2013
    - Monthly Consensus data available from January, 2003 to July, 2013
    - Consensus data collected from 600 brokers in 55 countries
    - The standard of collecting data is reports announced within 100 days
    - Update spends 1 hour to 1 and half hour from 11:30 am
  • Business Description and Business segments
    - Providing detailed business information to analyze a company
    - Providing Business description presented with relative performance
    - Showing Business segments demonstrated through Timeline
    - Analysis tool to compare fundamentals and consensus of several companies in the
      same industry
  • Entity and Item Lookup
    Business Description available clicking Mouse right button of company on Entity Lookup
    - Country Information can be identified from Entity Code
      ex) Apple Inc. (AAPL_US) = 'US' America
    - Sorting option by Market Cap, Market Cap + Country
    - Providing Auto-Research of company
    - Fundamentals, Consensus, Stock Information available since January of 2003
    - Each country's Currency is provided as local currency which can be converted to KRW
      or USD
    - Currency at the end of fiscal year, average currency, and the latest date's currency
      available depending on data