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Great Wisdom Chinese Financial Data In alliance with FINCHINA, Chinese Financial data provider, providing Fundamentals, Stocks, Consensus data etc.
  • Fastly check to companies and analyzing index of Shanghai, Shenzhen Exchange and NEEQ
  • Analysis tool to compare companies in the same industry using Basic Lists suggested by WISEfn or using WISEfn Industry 26 classification
  • Providing Financial and Main Ratio Data based on C-FIRS Parent / Consolidated
  • Providing Market cap, shares of Listed stocks, trading cost, Volume, Open/High/Low/Close stock price
  • Providing Business description, Owner Information and etc.
  • Business segments demonstrated through Timeline
  • Providing Entity, Item Look up for Chinese company
Main Menu
  • Company Comparison
    - Basic Lists - Peer Group list provided by WISEfn
    - Easy to analyze and compare a selected company to domestic or Chinese listed
    - A company could be included in several basic lists in case where several basic lists exist,
      user can select an industry
    - User can edit peer group by clicking WI26
  • Fundamentals
    - Data requested in local currency, which is provided with converting value for the
      quarter end and quarter average
    - Data provided since 1990
    - Quarterly and annual data based on Financial Statements consistent with Basic(China)
      accounting standard
    - Organized Main account for Basic(China) or Financial Raw data
    - Providing Ratio as type of Common Ratio Report
    - Great Wisdom Item codes can be compatible with WISEfn item codes
  • Peer Analysis
    - Data covers Fundamentals, Consensus, Stocks / Indices of more than 14,000
      Companies of Shanghai, Shenzhen Exchange and NEEQ
    - Financial Data available since 1990
    - Consensus data based on estimates of 100 brokers
    - Providing Earning Surprise data for companies' announcing proforma
    - Providing quarterly share ratio data
    - Business Description and Main information provided and able to compare with
      Korea companies
  • Daily Price
    - Providing Stock & Index price of Shanghai, Shenzhen Exchange
    - Providing Market cap, shares of Listed stocks, trading cost, Volume,
      Open/High/Low/Close stock price
    - Able to provide data in Shanghai, Shenzhen exchange as converting currency per
    - Based on Business day of China Exchange
    - Price data can be checked in 7:00 pm the intraday
  • Consensus
    - Providing Consensus data based on main Financial Statements
    - Daily Consensus data available since January 2, 2012
    - Consensus data only includes reports announced within 90 days
    - Final Update time is 7:30 am the next day including Investment opinion
  • Business Description and Business Segments
    - Providing business information, corporate information summary, and holding details
    - Providing charge of Business segments through Timeline
    - Analysis tool to compare fundamentals and consensus of several companies in the
      same industry
  • Entity and Item Lookup
    - Providing Business Description through clicking mouse right button of company on
      Entity Lookup
    - Sorting option by Market Cap
    - Auto-Research of company available
    - Each country's Currency is provided as local currency and can be converted to KRW or
      (Currency at the end of fiscal year, average and the latest date's currency are available
      depending on data)