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Online & Mobile Company information Providing listed company Information on HTS, WTS and Mobile Now, user can check the company's current status, financial analysis, investment indicator
also the diverse consensus contents & company type evaluation either through the online /mobile.
  • Fluctuation statement about company main indicator, sales analysis, credit ranking
  • Providing financial statement based on main Financial Statements, K-IFRS / K-GAAP
  • Providing Diverse ranked data on the Market / Business type / Indicator
  • Various Earning monitor : Consensus development, Earning surprise provided
  • Providing Mobile Screener which available for multiple choose
Features & Strengths
Reliability Reliable and recognized data through well known domestic securities and portal site
Accuracy IFRS account structures which exactly reflect K-IFRS financial statement
Variety Providing not only financial data included from Financial Statements, Consensus, also charts & Figures and other mobile service further
Ease to Use Available in most of Smart Phone (Android, I phone and etc.)
Friendly Interface - Help Function is to allow to check the detail information with the IFRS concept and formula
- Setting option on the accounting standard based on the user's selection
Timely Update Updating the latest capital changes, stock, share information and financial statement on timely basis
Main Menu
  • Company Status
    - Main company information which includes company's map
    - Providing company outline and comments on performance
    - Providing earnings surprise and key indicators of fundamentals
      by company
    - Target price from each source / recommendations on
      investment/ previous recommendations
    - Providing Estimate data for next 2 years and real historical
      data for last 3 tears
    - PER, PBR Band Chart, Financial Summary based on each
      accounting standard
    - Offering the contents about changes on credit rate and
      shareholder status
  • Company Information
    - Providing Market share, Sales component ratio, recent history
    - Providing research and development cost, personnel situation
    - Providing change of credit rating and capital change
    - Providing status of affiliated company and related company
  • Financial Analysis
    - Providing Financial statements based on main financial
      statement, K-IFRS, K-GAAP
    - IFRS Account structure which exactly reflects the K-IFRS
      financial statement
    - All data which is to provide through the comprehensive
      Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow
    - Providing data on sub account which is under the main
    - Charts which reflect the main financial account
  • Investment Indicator
    - Providing Financial ratios based on main Financial statement,
      K-IFRS / K-GAAP
    - IFRS Account structure which exactly reflects the K-IFRS
      financial statement
    - Providing core indicator such as profitability, growth, stability
      and value indicator
    - Providing data on sub account which is under the main
    - Providing Charts which reflects the main Financial account
  • Consensus
    - Providing consensus data based on main Financial statement,
      K-IFRS /K-GAAP
    - Actual data & consensus data on the main financial account
      such as sales / EPS / PER / ROE
    - Providing the adjusted stock price, target price chart and
      indicator about sales, operating profit, net profit, EPS etc.
    - Data and chart which reflect the consensus progress on each
    - Consensus High/ Low Chart
    - Earning surprise which is compared data to quarters and
      annual financial data that each company officially announced
  • Analysis of competitor
    - Able to compare with 4 competitors
    - User select competitors which want to compare
    - Providing graph by Annual / Quarter
  • Business sector Analysis
    - Analysis of Finance and Investment indicators on same type of company : KRX, WI26
    - Providing not only financial status, comprehensive income statement also the data on
      the profitability, stability and value indicator
  • Shareholder status
    - Optimized quantifying data related to share announcement offered by DART and KRX
    - Daily data based on disclosure
    - Insider trading chart and shareholder status
    - Stockholding and shareholding data categorized as maximum / up to 10% / up to 5%
    - Abstract data & information about recently changed shareholders
  • Recent Report
    - Showing summary of report user selected
    - Showing 20 Reports maximum, based on the latest date
  • Investment Opinion
    - Providing Rating, Trend as 3 steps, 5 steps
    - Providing forecast(Rating, Target price, EPS) and consensus(Rating, Target price, EPS,
      number of Brokerage)
  • Announcement of Financial Supervisory
    - Showing announcement of Financial Supervisory
    - Providing Notice of record, Proforma, Capital change, Treasury stock, Insider, etc