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FactSet 02)6333-2141
Great Wisdom 02)6333-2196
Smart Consensus 02)6333-2131
ValueWise 02)6333-2164
Insider 02)6333-2125
WiseReport 02)6333-2196
WISE Q 02)6333-2143
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Index Providing 02)6333-2143
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WorkWise 02)6333-2120
VM, DB, WF 02)6333-2120
Quantiwise 02)6333-2181/2119/2185
기타서비스 02)6333-2114
VM, DB, WF Integrated Research system Integrated research system is an integrated service for a research center
that combines company valuation system, research system, and work flow system.
  • VM : Financial projection and valuation, institutional clients reports request, earnings guide
  • DB : Convenient and easy search and analysis of capital markets data
  • WF : Supports research reports publication process (including compliance) and analyst activity management
  • The three systems above are systematically inter-connected, leading to maximized efficiency
Features & Strengths
Effective corporate / market analysis support - Various corporate / industry database and database analysis tool
- Analysis and testing tools for company, industry and market analysis : Index, Screener, Back testing,
Management of research Universe - Management of sectors by sector classification
Standardization of research task process - Standardization of forecast model, valuation tool, reporting tool, indices and report formats
Higher productivity of research activity - Minimization of manual low value-added tasks : automation of data upload and repetitive analysis
- Integrated analysis and simulation through coordination of distributed data
- Supports automated publication of analysis reports (including reporting tools)
Corporate-level elevation of intellectual property to tangible data asset - Elevation of intellectual property of each individual analysts and department to data assets of the research
  house : Fast sharing and utilization of research data(KMI System foundation)