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Insider Analyzing Shareholding System Insider provides various data quantifiying public disclosure of stock trading.
  • Providing Quantification of public disclosure of stock trading by Insiders
  • Providing Trading Information and current ownership of Inisiders that hold more than 5% stake of a company
  • Convenient tool for comparisons by institutional and individual majority shareholders
Features & Strengths
Fast Response time Stable and Fast data service
Institutional Trading Service of Trading data by financial and government institutions
Historical Data Extensive time series data since 2003
Friendly Interface Flexible interface to satisfy client's unique need and preference
Company Information Detailed Financial Information
Analytical Tools Insider trading activity charts, screener and etc.
User Centric Service - Data System that caters to user needs
- Automatic patch updates and 1 to 1 interactive client support
Main Menu
  • OverView
    - Summary of recent disclosure of Insider ownership changes
    - Insider Trading activity charts by different markets
    - Summary of top changes in Insider's ownership stakes within the latest 5 business days
  • TimeSeries
    - Time Series data of Ownership and shares owned by company or by shareholders
    - User can add/modify items after printing off data
    - Able to check ownership per corporate, Shares, Notification date, Pit Trading
  • Comparison
    - Ownership information by division of shareholders and by form of shareholders
    - Providing comparison of ownership stake, share owned, and the name of major
  • Company Finder
    - Providing Company Screening option by shareholders and ownership stakes
    - Option to view ownership stake of an individual or group of related individuals
  • Holder Finder
    - Printing off screening option for current shareholders and ownership stakes
    - Data for the stakes held by the largest shareholder, shareholders that hold more than
      10% and 5% stake, and employee stock ownership plan
  • Contract Finder
    - Providing contract Information such as loan stock, trust stock, OTC transaction and
    - Providing Name of Shareholders, shares owned, other party of contract, Contract
      contents available
  • Company Analysis
    - Summary of comprehensive changes in company ownership stakes
    - Data service of Insider trading chart, major shareholder stakes, and changes in
      shareholders with in the latest 6 months
  • Holder Analysis
    - List of companies and amount of stakes owned by each shareholder
    - Providing major shareholder and foreign shares ratio
    - Summary of changes in shareholders within the latest 6 months
  • Insider Template
    - Providing TOP 20 Template regarding Increase and Decrease of Main organization
    - Providing period data of 1 / 3 / 6 / 9 month