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DBWise Database system for Investment Analysis DBWise provides convenient search and analysis tool for capital markets data
It maximized research analysis' productivity by minimizing low value-added tasks.
  • Process standardization and database integration for efficient utilization of market data
  • DB search and analysis : Economy, Industry, Company financial, capital market data and etc.
  • Productivity maximization of Analyst through minimization of low value-added tasks
  • Elevation of analysts' individual intellectual property to research house's intellectual asset
  • Changes from Analysts intellectual property into public property
  • Search for intuitive data and maximization of convenience by connecting EXCEL
Features & Strengths
Effective company / market analysis - Managing database integratedly and database analysis tools for economy, industry, company financials,
  markets and etc.
- Maintaining data integrity by periodic automatic / on-demand inspection
Convenient data search, export function - Detailed Information, Export Options, data format and capability to apply various functions
- Providing Quick Search through Keyword searching screen
- Providing Tool tip for Excel user improving convenience
- Meta Information(Term, Resource, Range, Update, Path) for Item provided
- Able to check intuitive data providing interface as set of Treeview
Various data analysis tools - Capability to refresh data, create charts, save shared charts, search
- Providing structured report as a template
Effects on task Improvements
Main Menu
  • Search Database
    - Searched economic / market/ industry data, produces a time-series list on excel, and
      creates charts based on the data
    - Providing meta information for selected item (Source, Period, Scope, Update date,
    - Providing various check option, arithmetic expression
      (Period average, Period aggregation, YOY, Ratio etc.)
  • Chart Manager
    - Creating chart based on selected data formats
    - Providing Basic option - Chart color, style, size, font
    - Providing various chart for shape, stick, field, etc.
  • Searching Item
    - Searching item by "Item name, Source, Route, Code, Period, Nations etc."
    - As using user selected item, can connect data with checking screen
  • Output Result
    - Providing data option header for reusing output file
    - Providing tooltip(memo) for option
    - Providing Recondition connecting with data query screen