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ValueWise Corporate Valuation System ValueWise offers valuation tools for both public and unlisted companies in Korea.
And able to use valuation for IPO, M&A, Corporate evaluation.
  • Derivation of "Fair Value" through fundamental valuation
  • Supporting Forecasting of business results through detailed estimation model
  • Tailored for the needs and the viewers for each research house
  • Various Valuation methodologies such as DCF, EVA, RI, DD, Price Multiple
Features & Strengths
Systematization of corporate analysis prices, such as profit forecasts and valuation - Financial forecast model that caters to the analysis philosophy and demand of the research house
- Adaptation of overall financial statements analysis and fundamental valuation to the model
- Improving efficiency of tasks related to research and accuracy of projections
- Automation of repetitive tasks by providing reporting tools that insert data from the forecast model into
  research report
Efficient Utilization of intellectual asset, such as forecast day and projections - Quantities forecast projections into database and universe sector management
- Maintains consistency and accuracy of the perspectives of the research house
- Automation of outputs, including earnings guide and buy-side request reports, using accumulated
Analysis tool for universe forecast - Detailed database for investment analysis of companies listed on both KSE and KOSDAQ markets
- Comparison & screening analysis tool for comparable companies, based on universal forecasts
User centric convenient application - Maximized efficiency through user-friendly interface
- Supporting updates for the modified / improved version of the model
- Updates the model for the latest financial data and provides consensus data
- Overall analysis page and various charts analysis
Main Menu
  • Forecast Model
    - Income Statement Projection : Sales, Cost of Sales, SG&A, gains/loss from foreign
      exchange and etc.
    - Balance Sheet Projection : Current Assets, Equity Investment, CAPEX, Debt raise /
      paydown, Dividend and etc.
    - Other function : Historical data, Balancing, Outlook pop-up, Button for range moving
      and etc.
  • Company Valuation
    - Fundamental Analysis : DCF, RIM, EVA, DDM
    - Relative Analysis : PER, PBR, PCR, PSR, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, EV/SALES
  • Forecast data upload
    - Analyst forecast projections for companies covered by the research house into
    - Check for the balance of the Balance Sheet projections for the companies to be
    - Including data upload for forecast data of individual model user
  • Automatic insert Forecast data into Company analysis Report
    - Automatically insert Forecast data in Financial statement, Stock information of
      Cover&Back page in Company Analysis Reports
    - Conversion of Forecast data in MS Excel format into MS Word
    - Managing Report template updates and maintenance
  • Support to publication of Institutional clients request
    - Real time - automatic publication of Monthly / Weekly / Daily/ Reports to institutional
      clients in appropriate template formats
    - Support to further reports request at no additional cost
  • Support to publication of Earnings Guide
    - Automatic Publication and storage of Earnings Guide from Research Center
    - Support to calculate data output based on market or sector classification